About Culinaria Italia

I’m a 40 something Brit still finding my feet here in the heel of Italy. I’ve been here for a while now. Cooking has always been a big hobby of mine but I’ve never really kept any record of the new recipes I try and I usually cook them a few times and then forget about them. So, as a sort of on-line recipe book, I’ve started a food blog. I lived in the north of Italy for a number of years, so you might find a few of my favourites from there too :-)I’ll also try to keep you informed about the food festivals that are a regular occurrence here too.I’ll attempt to photograph the results with the only camera available to me at the moment, my mobile phone. Don’t expect David Bailey 🙂
The recipes come from 3 main sources.

  • Local Italian friends
  • My translations and adaptations of recipes from the local press/cooking mags
  • My translations and adaptations of recipes from Italian language web sites.

But basically it will be what I’ve enjoyed cooking and eating. If the recipe didn’t work, I won’t post it!

Note about ingredients pictures: The ingredients pics are meant to be an illustration only. Refer to recipe for quantities.

Notes about ingredients:

Whenever olive oil is used in a recipe it should be the best extra virgin olive oil you can find.

Parsley should always be the flat leaf variety if at all possible.

Recipes marked as vegetarian often include cheese. You should of course use a vegetarian version if you are, or are cooking for, a strict vegetarian.

Note about recipe quantities. If a recipe is listed as Primo – First course, then quantities given are for an Italian style first course. Here, pasta is only one leg of a very long journey through antipasti, primi, secondi, dolci, frutta, formaggi, caffe, liquore. If you don’t intend to continue to the bitter end, double the quantities 😉

Drop in and see what you think. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

41 thoughts on “About Culinaria Italia

  1. Hi,
    On the 18th. January 2012, Merlinda wrote you saying that she had just found your blog and how great it is.
    Well, may I take this opportunity to completely vindicate that statement….. I too have just found your excellent site and being the family cook and loving anything Italian, I feel I’ve died and gone to heaven, with the sheer number and variety of recipes and, not forgetting, your interesting anecdotes.
    Please keep this super site going for as long as you can, so I can continue to live out my little fantasy here in the UK, even in February……. Thanks again.

  2. It is a good site, I tried some of the recipes and are great. Keep it alive. I in love with cooking for these last 40 years. regards

  3. Hi,
    I just made your carbonara recipe for an Italian Mormon Missionary who has been out of Italy for 6 months, he loved it, said it was just like from home, thank you for sharing the recipe. I’ve never made it before and we all enjoyed it thanks again

  4. Hi,

    I’m a uni student from Australia and I’ve just made three of your recipes in two weeks, making the bolognaise right now as we speak. I’m very much enjoying your blog and keep up the great work. I’ll probably never buy bolognaise or carbonara at a restaurant in Australia ever again 🙂


  5. Greetings! Thank you for bringing us traditional italian recipes. I’m a fan of pasta recipes and eventually hope to move on to meat dishes (Kitchen, consider this a warning). Keep up the good work! You’re doing awesome!

  6. I just came across your blog and I love it! How do I subscribe to it? Thank you for sharing such beautiful recipes. You are living my dream, so please, keep sharing.

  7. I can’t find where to click to subscribe to your blog. I like it and want to receive it automatically. How do I do this?

  8. I find your input delightful, taking a recipe and making it yours is Italian.
    I teach southern Italian cooking at a local college, basing much of my course on my families foods. Papa is from Gravina in Puglia and mama from Monteroduni in Molise. Thank you and please do not stop

  9. Posso farti i complimenti? In italiano?
    Yours are everydays Italians’ recepies;
    I mean that this is the kind of food we
    cook every day for our family: simple, easy,
    fast cooking and yet very, very tasty.
    You’re a real surprise!

  10. I made the ragu alla bolognese because I really wanted to know what the original recipe was like. Thanks for putting it online, I’ve bookmarked your site and will be back to try out other recipes.

  11. Hi!I did a report on pasta and I want to know the difference between permanenti pasta and rotini pasta. If you can help, please drop me a line at http://www.jjisadoor.weebly.com
    Also, great website. 😀

    PS. that's not my email. I just don't want to put my email on some strangers website.

  12. This is a great site, I have been looking for authentic recipes, can’t wait to try the Ragu alla Bolognese, thanks so much!!!

  13. Just stumbled across this site. Great work! Love the recipes! I’m 1/2 pugliese (my grandfather was from a little town outside of Bari called Grumo) so I’m especially looking forward to making your orecchiette recipes!

  14. Thanks guys.

    The makeover is still very much a work in progress. Hopefully It will spur me on to post something new 🙂



  15. Hi, it’s great to have found your website. I’m in love with italian cuisine, and it’s really helpful to find recipes in english (my italian is not great!) I’m mexican and cooking is my hobby, it’s always horrible to find burritos are the mexican food outside of Mexico, so does carbonara with cream outside of Italy… Thanks for letting us reach the real deal!

    • Thanks Chio, it’s nice to have you here.

      I understand your horror at what the rest of the world has done to Mexican food. Next you’ll be telling me that you don’t eat ‘chilli con carne’ every day… 😆

      Good luck with your hobby


  16. Dear Chris,

    I hope you are in the best of health.

    I am updating my home page and should be happy to include a link to Culinaria Italia if you would like to tell me what to insert.

    Best wishes


  17. Hi,

    Here’s a magazine you should know about. It’s called La Cucina Italiana and it’s the U.S. edition of Italy’s oldest and most popular cooking magazine. It’s all about cooking traditional & modern Italian dishes using healthy, fresh and seasonal ingredients. (Thankfully, it’s for chefs of all levels.) I’m looking to spread the word, and if you’d like to take a look, I’d be delighted to send you a free media subscription. Here’s the site. http://www.lacucinaitalianamagazine.com. Also, if you want to host a recipe contest, we can provide the winner with a free subscription as well. Some ideas for the contest are:

    – Momma’s homemade spaghetti sauce

    – The tastiest organic Italian soup for fall weather

    – Gelato to chill for

    – Holidays in the homeland…the most authentic – and delicious – Italian holiday dish

    If you’d like to receive the magazine, please send your contact information to me at Vickie@reynoldspublicrelations.com. Thanks!

  18. I wanted to leave a comment on your artichoke post. Very clear with pictures. you blog is great, have you thought of joining foodie blogroll. great forum there.

  19. Hi Marilisa

    Thanks a lot. You are very kind 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying ‘cozze ripiene’


  20. Hi!
    As I promised you yesterday, I ve had a look on your web site.It’s a fantastic way of diffusing italian cooking abroad!I have checked the recipes I know and they are right, you are very accurate and precise.Next time I’ll give you the “cozze ripiene” recipe. Bye

  21. I always enjoy visiting your site and envy your life in Puglia!!!! Best Wishes! A note to let you know that I started a second site in addition to “Eat Know How” called “La Vita Tua” http://lavitatua.wordpress.com.
    It is my American blog gone Italian. Even with the help of “tanslation websites”, the bolg still needs a go through and removal of American ideas and cultural influences in my writing. In other words, it’s handy knowing the Italian language.
    Have a fantastic weekend and beautiful spring.

  22. Hi Sara

    Thanks for asking but I don’t think it would be appropriate on this site.

    Also, I think Absinthe is filthy stuff and have vowed never to touch it again.


  23. Czech style spaghetti is cooked almost the same way in Ireland where I’ve been living for a good number of years.The only difference is that it is cooked after pub hours and in a completely drunken state of mind!HAHAHA!!!

  24. Thanks a lot Jonathan. I glad you like the recipes. I feel very lucky to be able to try the great food from this area.

    Congratulations on your wedding and tanti auguri! 🙂

  25. The recipes on this blog seem extremely authentic, which I love! Italy is a part of my heart – not just cause my great grandparents are from there, but because I was engaged in Rome and married last summer in Tuscany. Thanks for these simple, beautiful and lovely Italian recipes – the way food should be!! – amy @ neverfull.wordpress.com

  26. HI, What a great blog!!! SOOO informative and enjoyable. Your ability to look at the topic of food & cooking from a different perspective, as well as convey these ideas to others is not only effective, but quite genuine and novel.
    Thanks for the information and bringing a smile to my face for I am contemplating what to cook next.

    Looking forward to more posts,

  27. PS Recipe for Czech Spaghetti

    Place spaghetti in boiling water. Leave boiling and go to the pub for a few hours
    When you come back, drain the pasta and squirt some ketchup on it 🙂
    Add cheese (it must be eidam with ABSOLUTELY NO taste)

    Dobrou Chut!

  28. ciao vole! sorry DJkrysa…:o) it is realy good idea this site. i will try your recepies. try some special czech food, for example “smazak” or “knedlo-vepro-zelo”…:o))) i am joking. hope i will have your food personally soon.
    ciao krava

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