Stuffed cuttlefish

This would go just as well with squid. Be careful when removing the cuttlefish ‘bone’ as it’s important to leave the body sack whole. Don’t worry about skinning them as the skin will burn off on the grill.  Serves 4

stuffed cuttlefish ingredients

  8       medium  cuttlefish
  150   grams  pecorino Romano — grated
  150   grams  bread crumbs
  1        medium  egg
  2        cloves  garlic — finely chopped
  1        sprig  parsley — finely chopped
  1        tablespoon  capers — finely chopped
  4        fillets  anchovies — finely chopped
            olive oil
            salt and pepper

  • Clean the cuttlefish, keeping the body whole. Finely chop the tentacles.
  • Mix together in a bowl, the tentacles, bread crumbs,egg, garlic, parsley,
    capers, anchovies, pepper and a good slug of olive oil.
  • Carefully stuff the bodies with the mixture.
  • Brush with olive oil, season with salt and grill for about 20 minutes

grilled cuttlefish finished dish